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If you are new to real estate investing, membership your local Real Estate Investment Association (REIA) may be of great benefit to you both in terms of meeting people you may want to do business with and, if it’s a well run group, for the continuing education, to include possible warnings of changes in laws that might effect you.

Some local REIA’s also intercede with local and state government agencies and policy makers to protect your interests, another important reason to support them with your membership.

At RealEstateIncome.biz, we strongly believe that “experience is the WORST teacher” and offer advice in our blogs as to where you can take advantage of expert training from some of the top pros in the business, using their years of trial, error and loss to your benefit.

One note pertaining to legal issues: As real estate investing is inseparable from real estate law… federal, state and local… it is up to each reader to take any suggestion, idea or source recommended here and consult with your own legal counsel before taking action as appropriate.

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